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AFM and ramblings as just a Guy who loves Native Fish

Hi all,

My new CPU is set up and the old one is on it's way to Ray Wolff my good
friend and faithfull supporter.So  I will now be  back up to speed. With 
My duties as stay at home Dad (my wife is military for the next 10 months
and is TDY often so I am alone many times with the children ), Stock
Trader (pays the house bills  :)   ) , Freelance writer ( love to share
with folks about them fishes) , fish ( IBID ) collector and NFC guy I get
behind but it looks like I will be back up to speed this week. 

Anyway With all that going on I sometimes forget to say thanks to all of
you who are just as passionate as I am. Your efforts have brought the NFC
to where it is today and I thank you. Come to Navarre and dinner is on me
:). The many projects we have working wear  your fingerprints.

I have had an odd note or two complaining that the NFC is too commercial,
money oriented etc etc.It seems asking for donations , selling things and
the lot  bothers a few folks. While I appreciate your concern . I ask you
, how else do you reccomend that a private non profit organization fund
real conservation activities ? The struggle our fishes face are great and
need to be aggresivley addresed. To adress them will take money. . And
frankley we need money to get the job done. 

So I as President try  my best to raise funds in a appropriate manner
whie balancing the many needs of our native fishes. I as former NANFA
President and as NFC president in the last 5 or so years have spent
countless hours and dollars ( OK not countless ,a 1000 bucks or so and a
lot of hours  :)   ) on printing postage phone calls etc all in my
efforts things I never ask for reimbursment on from any club because I
wanted to help our native fish. I know a great many of you have made
similar sacrifices for your passion. You have struggled alone , I
appreciate it very much ! I offer you my respect and thanks .

Anyway back to things I saw a nice article about the NFC on oct's AFM pg
84....cool  , nice to see the freebies increasing !!

so what are folks up to these summer days ?
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