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Re: NANFA-- Arkansas River sponges

Jay said;

>Now-- interesting marine invertebrates we have.  Pacific Northwest
>marine waters are quite fertile.  I love going to the coast at low tide
>and exploring rocky or sandy beaches.  The invertebrate life in these
>two areas is very different.  Deep, permanent tide pools form in
>sheltered areas, and they're teeming with anemones, nudibranchs, crabs,
>shrimp, chitons, mussels, urchins, sea stars and more.  Invertebrate
>inhabitants of rocky beaches are hardier because they have to survive
>constant wave action, so there aren't many of the delicate ones like
>anemones, shrimp and nudibranchs.  There are lots of crabs because there
>are lots of hiding places.

   My daughter and I recently returned from a trip to Oregon, which included
a trip to the Oregon coast.  I have pictures of the tide pools of which he
speaks.  I will be putting them on a web site within the next couple of days
for all to see.  We visited the lava flows of Yaquina Head Lookout at low
tide.  The colors of the invertebrates there are truly outstanding.  There
were beautiful light green anemones, everywhere.  Also, dark purple sea
urchins, four or five kinds of star fish, mussels, crabs, barnacles and all
sorts of other sea creatures and plants. The water and air temps (the high
was 63F) there are fairly cool but all of the beautiful bright colors seem
so tropical. Everything in the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful and
diverse. I have the pictures to prove it, I shot 38 rolls of film !!!

>This coming weekend we are going to Netarts Bay, Oregon.  It's on the
>north Oregon coast near Tillamook (home of Tillamook ice cream-- might
>even have to eat some

   We went here too !  They not only have the best ice cream, but they make
their own waffle cones too - DELICIOUS !  They are the biggest producer of
cheddar cheese in the Northwest and you can watch them make it- from start
to finish.

...says the "Phishhed"