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Dwight, you said:

> As the former NANFA TP Editor, I can tell you that Laura Burge's ad
> not run for several months before I ceased serving in that capacity.  
> The system I set up on the NANFA TP of having a publication date when 
> the ad first appeared attached to every ad with an automatic deletion 
> after three months if the ad was not renewed by personal request of
> person, ensured that ads would not run indefinitely, as might 
> have been the case previously.  

Not trying to start an argument-- just passing on Laura's comments.  She
said that her ad continued to run even though it had expired.  She
didn't get AC while in Spain (that was why she contacted me actually),
but she did get the electronic TP.  Just a little oversight, and no big
deal.  She wasn't upset-- just concerned that someone would try to
contact her, or even worse-- send some fish to her Ohio address.  It's
one thing to come home to some old letters and magazines-- quite another
matter to come home to a months-old box with water and fish goo sloshing

> Unfortunately, the TP listings that appear in the 
> American Currents are usually quite dated, usually being the TP that 
> appeared about three months earlier.  It would not be difficult for
> AC - TP to print ads for one or two editions after the ads had been 
> dropped from the electronic TP.  

I'm not involved with either AC or the TP, but I imagine we all know the
situation this year was a bit more complicated than just printing old
TPs.  I'm not going to revisit this--that's old news and I won't go
there again.

> BTW, any idea when the next AC will be coming out?  Also note that I 
> haven't seen any electronic version of the TP since I stopped being
> TP Editor.  Has anyone picked up the duties as yet?  I have gotten a 
> couple of NANFA TP ad requests in the mail which I need to forward to 
> the new NANFA TP Editor.  Thanks!

The next AC will be out soon-- it has already gone to the printer.  And
we've continued to have electronic TP's which are regularly posted.  You
haven't seen them because you're not on the NANFA list, and we don't
cross-post NANFA business or send unsolicited email unless it's
appropriate.  Warren Lund was the editor for a couple of months, then he
posted a request for a volunteer editor.  Andy Borgia (noturus2 at aol_com)
is now the editor.  Anyway, people shouldn't be bothering you anymore
with stuff like that.  I'm sure Andy will send you or anyone a TP upon
request, or you can get it from the NANFA web page.