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As the former NANFA TP Editor, I can tell you that Laura Burge's ad had 
not run for several months before I ceased serving in that capacity.  
The system I set up on the NANFA TP of having a publication date when 
the ad first appeared attached to every ad with an automatic deletion 
after three months if the ad was not renewed by personal request of the 
person, ensured that ads would not run indefinitely, as might have been 
the case previously.  Unfortunately, the TP listings that appear in the 
American Currents are usually quite dated, usually being the TP that 
appeared about three months earlier.  It would not be difficult for the 
AC - TP to print ads for one or two editions after the ads had been 
dropped from the electronic TP.   I did note that my telephone number 
that appeared in the Spring 1998 AC had not been in use for almost a 
year, despite having notified everyone of the change, with the correct 
email address/telephone number appearing in every TP since November, 

BTW, any idea when the next AC will be coming out?  Also note that I 
haven't seen any electronic version of the TP since I stopped being the 
TP Editor.  Has anyone picked up the duties as yet?  I have gotten a 
couple of NANFA TP ad requests in the mail which I need to forward to 
the new NANFA TP Editor.  Thanks!

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>Robert-- How about contacting the individual people whose ads you list?
>I know from personal conversations that some do not want their old 
>Trading Post ad used anymore.  Some ads are obselete.  Laura Burge for
>example has been living in Spain until just recently, and she had told
>me by email from Spain that she wanted her ad removed.  She also said
>that she herself had unsuccessfully requested to have it removed last
>Good luck.
>Jay DeLong

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