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Baby fish

I removed all fish from my 75 gallon setup about 6 weeks ago.  I turned off
all the filters but left the air pump going.  I intended to break it down to
move, but I procrastinated.  To my suprise, when I got around to it there were
about thirty small fish present.  The tank had longnose dace, blacknose dace,
greenside darters, satinfin shiners, creek chubs, and hog suckers as
residents.  No plants, lost of rocks and current(small pond pump).  The fish
are about 3/8"-1/2
" long, transparent, and very slender.

Does anyone have a guess as who would be the most likely candidate to spawn in
such a set up?

What would they have been eating for 6 weeks?   Algea on the rocks and tank

I have moved them to a smaller tank and am feeding them crushed up Hikara
cichild gold pellets.  They appear to be eating.  Any suggestions?

Dave Hough
Point of Rocks, MD