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The video we have been discussing is produced by the local PBS station in
Topeka.  The series is entitled "Sunflower Journeys" and in this
particular story they devoted about 10 minutes on the Topeka Shiner vs.
the local watershed district.  I can make copies for people, I just need
you to send me a tape and $3.00 for postage.

Luke McClurg
P.O. Box 141
Meriden, KS 66512-0141

Allow a couple of weeks for delivery depending on how many people want to
see this.


On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Mark Binkley wrote:

> I know this sounds really stupid, but what was the video mentioned?  I
> would like to check it out if it's an interesting fish topic.  I don't have
> time to keep up with all these threads!
> >Luke said:
> >> but I'll take the little victories, however the
> >> spin-doctors abuse it over not having any victories at all.
> >> Educate and win...that's the way to make real change.
> >
> >I agree.  I just believe that in spite of all the debate and posturing,
> >the feds are going to come in and take matters into their own hands.
> >That's why I believed the fish needed a recovery plan, not just an
> >"existence" plan.  By the way, thanks again for the video, Luke.  If
> >anyone else wants to see it I'll give you my copy for $6 ($3 for the
> >tape plus $3 for shipping).
> >
> >Jay