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Re: Collecting report...

Robert: already uploaded our URL on Infoseek - will do others also. 
Takes a bit of time for them to get new sites on line.

BTW, sent a small package to you at lunchtime with two donations, one of 
six Rooster Tail spinners from Yakima Bait Co, and the other being a 
complementary FAMA subscription form.  Also included two letters saying 
"we'd love to help you but we gave at the office."

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>spent about 3 hours in a swamp this morning and about 1 hourin a
>creek....got some Zonatum, Flagfin shiners, a few oddball killies and 
>was so hot and humid I almost passed out ....it was bad , I loved 
>BTW when I stopped over at the fish hatchery they could not find our
>website on any search engines even YAHOO someone needs to submit us  !!
>Robert Rice
>Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
>Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
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