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[RML] Announcement St. Petersburg Cichlid Assoc.

Here's someone to sell your cichlids to.....

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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:15:48 -0400
From: "Mr. Fish" <tvigmny at worldnet_att.net>
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Subject: [RML] Announcement St. Petersburg Cichlid Assoc. - Please pass along.

Dear Cichlid Enthusiast,
      The first meeting of  The St. Petersburg Cichlid Association
                 will take place Friday August 21, 1998.
                   Lakewood High School CAT Auditorium,
                         1400 54th Avenue South.
                      South St. Petersburg, Florida

The meeting will officially start at 7 PM and go to whenever we all get
tired and go home.  It is OK to come late, and it is certainly OK to
come a little bit early.

This will be the first gathering of cichlid interested aquarists on the
west coast of Florida.  We are planning an informal get together.  We
will talk about all aspects of the cichlid hobby from beginners to
experienced breeders.
 IF you have an interest in Cichlids, we encourage you to be there.

We will be having an auction of cichlids and encourage you to bring your
excess fish to the auction.

Please no more then five bags of fish per person.  The club will split
the auction proceeds with the seller, 50-50.

Of course outright donations will not be discouraged.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Wear a cichlid T-shirt that has a story to go along with

This is a formation meeting and your input will be greatly appreciated.

Visit our Web Site for directions:

or contact contact Jim Cormier at     727 345-2270 or email
JDCFISH at prodigy_net

Please pass this email on to whoever might help us get the word out.  We
would greatly appreciate it.

If you get this message more then once, we apologize and thank you for
your attention.