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Re: Live foods

   The comments on the black worms are simply nonsense or an old wives
tale.  The blackworms simply do not have the mouth structure to eat their
way out of a fishes stomache.  My guess is, your friend probably heard of
meal worms or some other such terrestrial larvae doing it.  I just can't
imagine blackworms doing it, with the only possible explanation being a
fish that simply ate so many that his stomache... well, burst under that
pressure.  Thats probably unlikely at best.

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On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Warren H.Lund Jr. wrote:

> >  I quit using black worms after some cory fry got
> >bloat right after hatching.  I suspected the worms as a vector for some
> >bacterial pathogen.
> I've had problems with blackworms in the past too and as a result, I no
> longer use them.  A friend of mine told me that he has heard of people who
> have seen blackworms eat their way out through a fishes stomach.  He chops
> his up before feeding them to his fish.  I've never seen it happen, but why
> take chances ?  I have caught wild gambusia before that had a reddish worm
> that appeared to be a blood worm, eating its way out through the fishes
> stomach.
> ...says the "Phishhed"