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Re: Live foods

Sounds like he is looking for insect larvae, like mayfly nymphs, caddis 
worms, midge larvae and stonefly nymphs, all of which are found around, 
and under, gravel, stones, etc. in riffle areas.  I have found that if 
you place a fine mesh net in flowing water, you will collect quite a few 
of these insect larvae without much trouble at all, as most of these 
insects go into the water flow to move downstream, a phenomenon known as 
drift, which provides a lot of nice munchies for the fish present, which 
hold out of the current and nab the bugs as they go by.

A more labor intensive approach to capture these live foods is to place 
a fine mesh net in a stream and pick up the bottom stones and shake 
vigorously (under water) - the larvae will be dislodged and go into the 

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is NOT allowed in NY in waters inhabited by trout 
and may be prohibited in other areas also.  Check local regulations 
before harvesting aquatic insects and be conservative in the amount you 

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>I have just moved a Log Perch to my 20 long in my office and I know he
>is on the prowl when I here the gravel hitting the glass. I believe he
>is looking in the substrate for critters to eat. (Correct me if I am
>This got me to wondering what we would live in the substrate that
>would not be harmful and would supply some food for the fish. My tiny
>sunnies are always doing head stands and picking at the gravel for, I
>assume, left over food. The Shiners do the same thing but I can see
>what they are picking up.
>Anyone have any idea or suggestions? Or is this a bad idea?
>When I pick up rocks in the shallows I often see "something" crawling
>around. I swap rocks out in the 10G in the boathouse ever couple of
>weeks in hopes off adding fresh food.
>Jeff <*\\><
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