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RE: Everglades Pygmy Sunfish

Chris Darrow asked:
>What experiences have people had breeding the Everglades Pygmy Sunfish?

I see that no one has mentioned that the February 1998 American Currents
has an article called "Reproductive Behavior, Embryology and Larval
Development of Four Species of Pygmy Sunfish".  It has sections on
taxonomic history, life history, aquarium care, reproductive behavor,
spawning, embryology, larval development, and has illustrations and a
substantial literature list.

If you aren't a NANFA member I'll be happy to send you a photocopy.


Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA, USA

"Education never ends, Watson.  It is a series of lessons, with the
greatest for the last." --Arthur Conan Doyle