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Subject: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com:    Non-member submission from ["Darren and Sharon Gill" <dsgill at email_msn.com>]   

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Hi Chris,

My experience has been the same.  I've got a 15G long set up with lots of
Java moss.  Late last year I had a single pair of pygmies in the tank and
over the winter I let the algae get out of control.  Actually I was
negligent with the tank and ignored it the better part of the winter.  You
could imagine my suprise when I found fry swimming around the tank this
spring.  I now have 6 young pygmies but unfortunately they are mostly males.
In fact, I think I have a single female.  I'm concerned that she may end up
being harrassed and she is almost half the size of the males.  When I feed I
make sure that she gets food hoping to fatten her up for breeding.  Right
now I'm feeding Daphnia and mosquito larvae both of which they seem to love
(although the larger mosquito larvae seem almost too big for them).

I've noticed that the males spend a lot of time wagging at each other in
defense of their turf.  This rarely results in injuries though and I like
the fact that they are colored up most of the time.  They are always a
solid, dark black peppered with beautiful blue flecks.  I've also noticed
that one of the males is unusually large while the others are incrementally
smaller.  Perhaps there is some form of pecking order that's established
when there is more than one male? OTOH, they could be males from different

BTW, one word of warning.  Before the spring I had 3 ghost shrimp in the
tank to help control algae.  When I started feeding the juveniles on Daphnia
I was suprised to see the shrimp actually swim and pick off live Daphnia
from the water column for food.  Wonder where they learned that from?  It
pains me to think of how many fry I could have now if the shrimp had not
been in the tank!

Darren Gill
Carmel, IN

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From: Chris Darrow <darrowcs at sover_net>
To: nfc at actwin_com <nfc at actwin_com>
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 1998 8:11 PM
Subject: Re: E P Sunfish

>Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding an article, I've definately
>got a couple of ideas along that line rattling around in my head but I'm
>also curious as to other members experiences with the Everglades Pygmy
>Sunfish. There must be other people out there that are raising and
>trying or are breeding them. I've been struck by the high degree of
>aggressiveness of the males and wonder if 2 males can be kept in a 5
>gallon tank safely. Will the males pester the females to death? Has
>anyone had this happen ? And what about the actual spwning behavior
>and/or location is it a cleared spot or in vegetation? I would think
>that this would be fertile ground for comments and observation from the
>various NFC members. How about how many NFC members are actually keeping
>Everglades Pygmy Sunfish?
>Maybe this is a topic more appropriate for NANFA if indeed it is a
>differant discussion group. I'm still confused about the two (not how
>the two groups differ philosophically) but maybe there is another list
>server that I'm not currently recieving. I find the NFC discussion
>interesting and the NFC goals admireable but I'm also interested in the
>fish as aquarium pets and would like to discuss their behavior and such
>with others. And I know that behavioral observations can be valuable to
>the care and preservation of a species in the wild
>Chris Darrow