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Have to agree to that.  Of course, I think most of the dams on rivers like
the Colorado have no business being there either.  IMHO What's the point
of destroying vast eco-systems, eliminating many species of both aquatic
and terrestrial (sp?) just so you have drinking water for cities that have
no business being in the places where they've been built. i.e. Phoenix,
Los Angeles and Los Vegas.  Folks, there's got's to be a better way...

Last I heard, the Colorado wasn't even making it to the Sea of Cortez in
most years.  Don't know if that's accurate...but I believe it.

Work like what is being done with the Pallid is the kind of work I want to
be involved in when I graduate...if I graduate...as well as general
conservation and river restoration.  Places like the NFC are invaluable
resources to learn things you just can't learn anywhere else.


On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Hello ,
> Id like to have some discussion on the very interesting item on the
> Pallid Sturgeon. Looks like the classic how to ruin a river model. Now
> the job will be to break down those barriers. I think economically most
> of the dams out there can NOT be justified. 

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