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Re: C. veronicae

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Place a challenge befor this list. What can we do to preserve some of
> these fishes. We are several years away from having the proper habitat
> restoration needed to get the long term  job done. However our breeders
> program may be able to step in and fill the temporary gap. How do we go
> about aquiring and rearing some of these extinct in the wild species ?

Many of these fishes are in the general aquarium hobby, it just takes a bit of
asking around to find them.  Captive maintenance is the only way many of these
fish from the deserts of Mexico will survive.  

> I personally would love to see a list of exstinct in the wild species
> maintained by aquarist !!! Anyway back to lurker mode :) 

Those lists have been compliled before though I don't have one at the moment. 
Most of the "extinct in the wild "species are killies, goodeids, poecilids,
and cichlids.  Most of the first three groups are Mexican species, the
cichlids are African/Madagaskan.  A number of public aquariums have programs
to maintain these species.   Maybe I'll try and scrounge up the info and put
it on the web....

Peter Unmack