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Re: C. veronicae

Read this folks,

Thanks for the input.......I , since I came out of lurker mode today:)  
Place a challenge befor this list. What can we do to preserve some of
these fishes. We are several years away from having the proper habitat
restoration needed to get the long term  job done. However our breeders
program may be able to step in and fill the temporary gap. How do we go
about aquiring and rearing some of these extinct in the wild species ?

 To make things  more interesting if we  can get a program setup I will
devote an entire column in TFH to this worthwhile program. Giving credit
where it is due ACN,  NFC  whomever....I personally would love to see a
list of exstinct in the wild species maintained by aquarist !!! Anyway
back to lurker mode :)

Robert Rice

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