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Re: E P Sunfish

Hi Chris,

	Gee, you sound just like a Breeder's Program member looking for
something to do! :) Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the
NFC Breeder's Program!
	The goals of the Breeders Program include getting life histories of the
NA native fish. This is something that naturally takes time, but is well
worth the effort in ways that you cite, such as the care and
preservation of various non game species in the wild, and will also
contribute to a better understanding of the interactions of all species
within the gamefish habitat, thus helping even the folks just out for a
good day sportfishing too.
	Aquarium behavior of "pet" fish is a good first step if someone takes
the time to document it and put it in a format that other folks can use.
By all means, I encourage anyone with such observations, or even the
desire to get involved in compiling such "life histories" of their "pet"
NA fish to get involved with the Breeder's Program. If these
observations are well documented, and written up in an easy to swallow
manner, it could go a long way towards a fuller understanding of species
that are currently either obscure, or the information about them is
tucked away in the files and shelves of an obscure library shelf
somewhere that the average person would find difficult or even
impossible to get to. Even where a species is well known by some, there
are always folks getting into the care and rearing of native fish, and
these people would appreciate easy to access information about the fish
of their dreams. Many folks in the NFC could provide a wealth of
information to get things going in the right direction for new
hobbyists. :)
	Though these hobbyist observations are not meant to replace the work
done by the fish biologists, it can add to the general body of knowledge
for many NA species, and in some cases do original research into the
life and breeding behavior of the obscure species. Hopefully, someday
when someone has questions like yours, they can just go to the NFC web
pages, and get dozens of write-ups from the membership on any particular
species that they care to check into, in addition to good discussion on
the NFC email list!

	I invite anyone interested to get onboard, there's plenty of fish in
the water, and the water is just right fer wadin! :)


For all interested NFC members, get your application for joining the NFC
Breeder's Program at: 

Or just drop me an email to check into the NFC Breeder's Program, I'll
get ya an application out real soon!

Chris Darrow wrote:
> Robert,
> Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding an article, I've definately
> got a couple of ideas along that line rattling around in my head but I'm
> also curious as to other members experiences with the Everglades Pygmy
> Sunfish. There must be other people out there that are raising and
> trying or are breeding them. I've been struck by the high degree of
> aggressiveness of the males and wonder if 2 males can be kept in a 5
> gallon tank safely. Will the males pester the females to death? Has
> anyone had this happen ? And what about the actual spwning behavior
> and/or location is it a cleared spot or in vegetation? I would think
> that this would be fertile ground for comments and observation from the
> various NFC members. How about how many NFC members are actually keeping
> Everglades Pygmy Sunfish?
> Maybe this is a topic more appropriate for NANFA if indeed it is a
> differant discussion group. I'm still confused about the two (not how
> the two groups differ philosophically) but maybe there is another list
> server that I'm not currently recieving. I find the NFC discussion
> interesting and the NFC goals admireable but I'm also interested in the
> fish as aquarium pets and would like to discuss their behavior and such
> with others. And I know that behavioral observations can be valuable to
> the care and preservation of a species in the wild
> Chris Darrow