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From the ACN List - [acn-l] Sandia ... goodbye

Don't forget, Mexico is North America too!

>Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:09:47 -0500
>From: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas <juan at cichlidae_com>
>Subject: [acn-l] Sandia ... goodbye
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>his comes as an update to Jesus Montemayor excellent report on the status 
>of Cyprinodon veronicae, an endemic pupfish from the springs "charco azul" 
>and "El barreno" in Sandia de Victoria valley in southern Nuevo leon state 
>in Mexico (2409'50"N - 10004'03"W) 
>I have just visited the valley in the hope any water (and fish) could still 
>be found in "Charco azul" or any other of the valley springs. I found that 
>"Charco azul" and "El barreno" are now completely dry with no aquatic life 
>left. Although I did not visited personally I wqas told by several local 
>people that "Charco la palma" (habitat of Cyprinodon longidorsalis) and Ojo 
>de agua de la Presa" in San Juan de Aviles (habitat of Cyprinodon ceciliae) 
>are now as dry as they can be, although I had read previous reports on that.
>In that area in Nuevo Leon now six Cyprinodon species are extinct: C. 
>inmemoriam, C. longidorsalis, C. veronicae, C. ceciliae, C. alvarezi and 
>Megupsilum aporus. In other words, none is left in the area.
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