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Re: Everglades Pygmy Sunfish


What you are observing is very typical pygmy sunnie behavior .  Sounds
like the makeings of a article for the website :)

Robert Rice

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On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 18:04:52 +0000 Chris Darrow <darrowcs at sover_net>
>What experiences have people had breeding the Everglades Pygmy 
>	I have 3 females (i think) and 2 males (I know ) in a ten 
>heavily planted tank and am observing various E P Sunfish fry popping 
>here and there. Is this typical ? are they sporadic breeders ? Are
>others having similar experiences ? Do the E P Sunfish make little
>scooped out nests like other sunfish ? I've never observed one.
>	The tank is planted with lots of Java Moss and on one occasion 
>I saw a
>male lead a female into a tangle of J M after doing one of his 
>wriggle dances. Does the male guard the eggs and fry? 
>Anyway I hope this generates some feedback along the line consistent
>with what NFC is all about!
>And as far a private vs public discussion I have yet to see too much 
>far off the topic discussion here at the NFC. I'm also involved with a
>plant listserve which can get pretty far off topic that would probably
>make some NFC types really crazy. For a while people were trading
>cooking recipes over a plant discussion list serve
>Chris Darrow

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