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Re: NANFA-- never keep eels

Whatever I have to do to get my hands on some of those brain coral-esque
bryozoans, I'm in.  Also, to all those I was sending tadpole shrimp eggs
(TRIOPS) they will be going out soon.  It's been a bit to chaoticv here to get
them out yet.


> > I am big on freshwater inverts.  I collected some bryozoans last night that
> look a lot like brain coral.  I don't know if they could be shipped but I did
> put a small one in a fish tank.  I can get you small eels.  They are neat but
> they do eventually get big.  Dwarf crayfish are nice as are large ghost
> shrimp, "Macrobrachium niponesis" is one species I would like to have.  Atydid

> shrimp are another odd invert that would go well in a set up like you are
> contemplating.  Clam shrimp, tadpole shrimp, fairy shrimp and large gammarus
> are inverts that can be cultured separately and added from time to time to
> keep a population going even if they are preyed upon by aquarium fish.  I am
> hoping to get some sponges soon, and there are even earthworms that will live
> underwater.  I would set up the tank in stages adding small inverts first so
> they can establish a population (black worms come to mind) in places where
> fish can't get to them easily.  I would like some large isopods also (if they
> exist) I know that seed shrimp (cypris) in the tropics grow to more than one
> inch long. there is even a freshwater horseshoe crab.  So inverts do exist, we

> just have to find a way to get them.
>                                                                              M

> ichael