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Re: NANFA editorial

yep, the old xoom site,


will point folks to the new interspeed site,


with a mailto address of nfc_contacts at usa_net

which I can point to anyone wanting to handle the new arrivals, a
welcome wagon, perhaps?


robert a rice wrote:
> Does anyone know if we can still access things with the old data ?
> Unfourtunatly editors need info months before they publish so info can
> get a bit old in the interum......
> Robert Rice
> Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
> Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
> email  NFC at actwin_com   or  website  http:\\nativefish.interspeed.net\
> On Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:23:46 PDT "Luke McClurg" <luke764 at hotmail_com>
> writes:
> >Robert,
> >
> >  Picked up a copy of the August issue of FAMA today.  Has a nice
> >short
> >little write up about the NFC on the editorial page.  Only problem was
> >
> >they got our e-mail address wrong.  Plus they used the old XOOM
> >location
> >for the home page.
> >
> > I think the address they listed was:  NANF at actwin_com
> >
> >
> >Luke

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