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A couple of issues or so ago, Rob Carillio of Ohio wrote that native fish
looked best under one of those full spectrum bulbs that had been lightly
misted with blue spray paint.  Unless you live next to the factory, like
Carillio does, those full spectrum bulbs go for about $15.00 or $20.00
apiece.  I wonder if the blue spray paint misting would have the same
effect on a (cheaper) cool white bulb?

I think that blue is the light wavelength that travels most easily through
water.  And since fish's colors evolved to be seen by other fish, that
might explain why they look best in an aquarium with blue tinted lighting.
> From: Kudzu <Kudzu at airnet_net>
> To: NFC at actwin_com
> Cc: nanfa at aquaria_net
> Subject: NANFA-- Lighting
> Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 5:18 PM
> This may be one of those things no one gives much thought but coming
> from Aquatic Plants as my main focus I think about lighting a lot! I
> am wondering if any of you have played with different colors (color
> temperatures) of lighting on your tanks and what you prefer. As far as
> fish showing their best colors that is.
> I have one tank that has a Grow Lamp bulb. This is made for plants and
> it is a pink color. The fish look OK under it but that is about all I
> can say for it. The Longears are really not very attractive under this
> light. Their colors just don't show up well at all.
> In my planted 60 I have 4 Cool Whites and the fish (no natives) look
> more natural to me. Of course these fish have never been seen by me in
> the daylight either. On my 20g and 10g I have a (read cheap) clip on
> light with a standard 60 watt light bulb. Again I don't really like
> that one either. However it is better than the Grow light.
> Has anyone tried any of the Daylight bulbs or done any experimenting?
> I just caught some Spotfin Shiners that are in breeding colors (faint
> blue) and in the past once they make it to the house the colors are
> not nearly as good as they are in the daylight.
> Jeff <*\\><
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