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We need U to grow !!


As you may be aware the NFC is growing at a nice clip >- 200 members.
Wich is all well and good  for a month or so of bussiness. On a national
scale however this is VERY insignificant. We need membership in the
1,000's . We have a series of ads, press releases ,articles and the like
coming out in September in In Fisherman, TFH, FAMA< Nationwide Thrifty
Nickels etc wich should help. But befor that all happens we need to be
ready. It has been said before that recruiting 10 million members does
not matter if non of them want to stay. 

So I ask you the members and readers of this list to think of small
welocoming things we can do to make people feel comfortable and want to
get involved. Not only do I ask you to think of them  but get out and do
em. Maybe a local meeting, a school project, a social occassion a
partnership with your local Boy Scout or Youth  Group . The most common
complaint I have heard when I worked with other organizations was we
never do anything. Well on a national level we are doing a great many
exciting projects NOW is the time for you the members to do something in
your backyard. Help a nature center , write a short article on
conservation for your local newspapers , lets brainstorm on this list
together and make the NFC the place to be !! 

Robert Rice

Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
email  NFC at actwin_com   or  website  http:\\nativefish.interspeed.net\