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Re: Collecting trip report......

What will happen to the offspring raised from these breeding projects?
Will they be used for reintroductions, stockings, etc.?


On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Hello all,
> Spent the Bulk of the day 7 am -12noon with my daughter at the Blackwater
> river state fish hatchery. Did some collecting and talking shop. Checked
> on our NFC project the Blackbanded Sunfish they are doing fine and
> fattening up well. We also discussed setting up breeding stations for the
> Flagfin Shiner and the Bluenose Shiner. A strong possibility those will
> be NFC partnering projects.
> I also took home some zoo plankton and a 5 gallon bucket of cotton seed
> meal to see if we could use hatchery techniques in the home aquarium to
> produce zooplankton for hard to rear species like L. Ommata ellasomas
> etc....details and final reports in an upcoming column   :)
> Anyway to the fun part in the horrid Florida  heat we worked a 20 foot
> section of a spring fed stream and collected 30+ flagfin shiners , a few
> F Cingulatus males a nice trio of brown darters and scores of young of
> the year of a variety of fish wich were released. So those of you who
> have been waiting patiently for flagfin shiners may very well have some
> heading your way..........If some one is interested in BREEDING brown
> darters let me know and we can work something out on them . Many tiny
> brown darters were all over which means they are breaeding in the heat of
> the summer which holds promise for the species in the home aquarium.
> Have a great weekend and take a kid collecting will ya.....BTW My
> daughter had so much fun  she decided she wanted to start working there
> instead of going back to school.....
> Robert Rice
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