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Re: Large tank construction

Jeff: I think most of the information you need about plywood and glass 
thicknesses, along with bracing info, can be found at The Krib, located 
at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Krib/TankHardware/.
Personally, I would recommend marine grade plywood for structural 
purposes, covering it with veneer for aethetics, perhaps with a couple 
coats of polyurethane to keep moisture out of the veneer. 

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>Looking for more input on the large tank I am designing! Here is some
>of the latest ideas. Feel free to offer suggestions or add ideas.
>We have settled on making the tank 8 foot long. I think that I am
>going to bump the width up to 28 inches. While I can't stand on one
>side and reach the far bottom corner I have access from both long
>sides of the tank I don't see this being a problem.
>I am thinking of making the hood in three pieces instead of two. It
>would still open from both sides but there would be a center piece
>4"-6" wide that is stationary. The hinges for the opening sections
>would attach to this.  The stationary piece would give me a place to
>attach wiring and plumbing. I have also been thinking about running
>the wiring in small conduit for safety reasons. This center piece also
>gives me a place to run plumbing and keep it out of site.
>I made a trip to a large Pet store yesterday and while checking out I
>talked to owner about my project and he gave me a good idea. Since
>only one of the small ends of the tank will be hidden (Front, back and
>one end are open to the room) and all the plumbing must come through
>this one end he suggested adding a bulkhead for an overflow/return to
>the wet/dry filter instead of a stand pipe. The filtered water could
>be returned to the tank by attaching PVC pipe to the underside of the
>hood (where it would be hidden from view) and running it to the far
>end of the tank. Then I would have several options on how to dump it
>in the tank. The only draw backs we saw were it would take a larger
>pump. It would take a bit more work to remove the hood from the tank
>if and when needed.
>Michael, or any one else that has built plywood tanks, I have a
>question for you. For an 8 foot long tank I am thinking of using 1/2
>plywood for the faces. (Probably will use birch veneered cabinet grade
>so I can get a nice stained finish on the outsides). I am not sure if
>I want to use thicker than 1/2 inch for the floor or not. What do you
>I am thinking about cutting a groove (dado cut) in the face pieces
>about 3/4" above the bottom then inserting the floor in this groove .
>Then adding strips under the floor running across the width ever 2
>foot. Then the floor would have some reinforcement.  I could also
>build the cabinet with a solid top so that the load would be spread
>over the edge of the tank and the strips running across the tank too.
>Floor size should not be a big problem then. (Humm, guess I answered
>my own question there! )
>I have also settled on coating the inside with epoxy resin (not paint)
>and then adding a layer of light weight glass cloth like I used on my
>kayak with another coat of epoxy resin. This will tie all the pieces
>together as one big unit and make it much stronger. And of course make
>it hold water a little bit better! <G>
>I obviously I will have to have braces across the top of the tank. I
>am thinking of using a 2"-3" wide piece of plywood, notching the top
>of the tank and epoxying it in place. I would like to just use one in
>the center but I suspect that will not be adequate. Anyone know for
>sure? I know that to much is always better than not enough! I will
>most likely use 3 braces just to be sure.
>Where can I find information on sizing glass? I know that I have I
>have seen this on the web but I didn't save the site. Anyone know?
>Jeff <*\\><
>"Consider carefully what you hear", he continued "With the measure you
>use it, it will be measured to you -- and even more.  Whoever has will
>be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken
>from him." Mark 4:24,25
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