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Re: Brook silversides

Observations seem right on target, so far. Have a couple of suggestions 
you might want to try.  First, place a bunch of plants in the white 
bucket (suspect that black might make them freak out). Second, place 
some water conditioner, such as Stress Coat, AquaSafe, etc., in the 
water.  Third,  add some live food such as Daphnia to the tank along 
with the fish, then cover the tank with a towel to reduce light levels 
for 24 hours. Suggest that having other fish in the tank may stress the 
silversides as they won't know what the other fish may do - watching 
them eat the smaller silversides is probably not overly reassuring to 
them. As you noticed, once they get acclimated (i.e., stress levels 
return to normal) , they do OK, which is consistent with Dave Hall's 

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>Just wanted to pass on something information and see if anyone else
>has seen this.
>As I posted earlier I have set up a 10 gallon in my boathouse. UG
>filter with water from the river. One Logpearch and a few nickel sized
>Longears. (Well I hope that is what they turn out to be!)
>Silversides have been schooling a lot around the piers so I gathered a
>few and put in this tank to see how they would do. All the Silversides
>were dip netted and placed in a white bucket. Within 10 minutes they
>were placed in the aquarium. ( I have wondered it a black bucket,
>being darker inside would be less stressful on delicate fish like
>After a week I have lost all the Larger (I assume mature) fish. The
>smaller, younger fish are eating crushed flake food and seem to be
>doing just fine. The smallest ones have disappeared and I assume made
>fish food.
>While this is not very scientific I have to assume that the younger
>fish are more adaptable than the larger fish. OR this tank is just to
>small for them? This is also the best luck I have had keeping Brooks
>so far.
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