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Re: NFC Web server is down

>>>>> "SL" == Sajjad Lateef <sajjad at uic_edu> writes:
SL> 	FYI. I don't know who takes care of the web server, but, it is
SL> down as of now. Who do I inform via email if this happens in the future? 

And now at 15:23 CDT it's back up. Our site is hosted by
interspeed.net, which is a commercial web hosting service. No one at
NFC has control of the servers. But since Interspeed is in the
business of web hosting, they are pretty good about keeping their
machines up. Next time you notice the page down, go look at your
aquariums or go get some fresh air for a couple minutes. As likely as
not, by the time you return to your computer the NFC website will be
available again.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim Ayers                                        tayers at bridge_com
St. Paul, Minnesota
Bridge, Inc.                                        www.bridge.com