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Ive used fish traps with shrimp , crab meat and hot dogswith good
success....latley I have been trying dry fly fishing with some good
success..... Even catch a few bass on em.....

Robert Rice

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>I have sometimes use minnow traps and wonder what others use for bait. 
> I've
>used stale bread, cat & dog food (dried) and everytime I eat fried 
>chicken, I
>throw the remains in a sealed bag in the freezer and then use those.
>Somewhere I heard that canned cat & dog food can be used.  Haven't it 
>yet, but
>figure I could tie some up in pieces of old pany hose or take a 
>plastic pill
>container and drill holes in it.  Maybe freeze up a batch and use them 
>I'd like to come up with something that will attract small predators.  
>caught a Grass Pike once, but suspect he just happened to swim in by 
>Another thing, I wonder what will work in the winter here in Indiana.  
>What have you folks successfully used?  And what seems to have failed.

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