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NANFA conservation outing

Pacific Northwest NANFA members will have another conservation outing
Friday August 21.  Everyone is invited.  We'll be in Lebanon, Oregon.
Lebanon is in west-central Oregon, just off I-5 at the Albany exit.

The USFWS and the Oregon Chapter of the Nature Conservancy own or manage
several tracts of land in the Willamette Valley.  One significant plant
community is the wet prairie.  Botanists discovered a federally
endangered plant-- Bradshaw's lomatium (Lomatium bradshawii)-- in a wet
prairie in Lebanon.   As part of their management planning for the area,
these organizations have asked NANFA to conduct an inventory of the fish
in the stream that flows through the preserve.

Fish we may see include: northern squawfish (or northern pike-minnow, or
whatever it's called now), speckled dace, chiselmouth, largescale
suckers, mountain suckers, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, sculpins,
lampreys, maybe juvenile salmon, and probably some introduced sunfish.
This is the normal ichthyofauna for the area, so I'm just guessing.

We'll probably pretend that it's hard work :-)

Anyway, we were flattered and happy to help them out.  We'll probably
meet somewhere nearby around 11 am.  We'll finalize the meeting details
at the NANFA meeting this Saturday.  If you may be interested, please
drop me a note and I'll get the information to you early next week.

Jay DeLong