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Re: Plants for a shiner tank

> Hi all,
> 	I am about to setup a tank for some Redfin Shiners. I bought this
> tank used with a UGF. I plan to add at least 1.5 inches of gravel on top
> of the UGF and grow some plants. Any suggestions on what kind of plants to
> get for the tank? I would prefer native species which I are available from
> Arizona Aquatic Gardens (planning to split an order w/a friend soon).
> 	I am thinking Cabomba, Watersprite, Vals. What else?


Cabomba and Val require very bright light.  Much more than you will 
get from the hood that probably came with your tank.  UGF's are not 
too good with rooted plants either, because then you can't add 
laterite to the gravel.  I would suggest spatterdock in small pots 
with a little soil at the bottom.  It's native and does well in low 
light.  There are also native(?) Echinodrus in Florida and 
South Georgia.  Waterprite in its floating form is good too, but it 
will overshadow your bottom plants.  Hornwort is very easy to grow in 
almost any light.  It floats below the surface.  Duckweed is easy 
too, but not too attractive.



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