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selling fish

Kenneth Bennight said: 
> Before anyone collects natives to sell, I strongly advise a careful
> review of your state's game and fish laws.  I suspect selling native
> fish will often be a violation of the law.

Good point, and one which most of us are keenly aware of.  The situation
is even more complicated than that.  In some states it's legal to
collect for sale, but in other states it's illegal to receive the fish
which are legally collected and sold in the first state.  

In my state of Washington not only is it illegal to collect fish (or any
wildlife) for the purpose of selling them, it's illegal to sell the
progeny, too!  All wildlife and their offspring remain the property of
the state of Washington.  In Oregon it's illegal to receive fish from
out of state without a permit from the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

Kenneth, what state do you live in?  Check out the GAFFeRS web site at

You'll find a partial list of state collecting regulations there.  If
your state isn't among them, please obtain them and send them to the
GAFFeRS webmaster Martin Moore.  It's through common efforts like this
that we can help each other.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA