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Just for chucles

Hey everyone.  Stopped by my favorite aquarium store today and got a good
laugh.  The owner was all excited about some "Rainbow Dace" he had just
gotten in and wanted me to inspect them.  I can't repeat the expletive he
used when I calmly explained that these were not 'dace' but rather your
friend and mine...the Red Shiner (Cyprinella lutrensis).  It was somewhat
comical.  The poor guy, I shouldn't laugh, but it was all the more
humorous because he had a tank set up on display for natives with 7 Red
Shiners swimming around in it that I donated to him right across the room.

At least the gentlemen I'm chuckling about is willing to show some
interest in Natives and is also willing to donate some valuable tank
space to display them. Too bad more shops aren't so inclined. It's also
too bad that wholesalers feel they have to 'disguise' an already beautiful
fish simply because it's native.  When will they ever learn...

Luke Mcclurg