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RE: this months 3 freebies.....

		> Ok heres a brain bender ...first 3 correct answers get
a free 1 year NFC
		> membership or If youd prefer and are willing to pay
the 2 buck postage we
		> will give you a free tommellerri print from the
		> list.......................

		Hardly a brain bender, Robert :-)  Either you know them
(or look them up) or you don't.  Here they are:

		Name the proper name for these colorfull local names of
native fish :

		Lawyer Fish - burbot

		Jersey Discus - blackbanded sunfish

		Stumpknocker- redear sunfish

		Bream- bluegill (also most other sunfishes in the South)

		Kansas Cichlid- longear sunfish

		first 3 to answer all 5 correctly are the winners  .good
luck to all

		I want the membership and the print. Can I have both?

		Jay DeLong