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Re: Im getting a new CPU..........Ray Wolffe is comming :)

Congratulations, Robert! And a hearty welcome to Ray also!

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>Well I finally did it I bought a new CPU a 233 Mghz toy is being built
>for me as we speak...Ray Wolffe Of Wisconsin will be recieving me old
>unit and will be entering the information age with 10 year old 
>but hey it works ..so he will soon be joining the nFC list and who 
>what other lists he will bless with his background and skills in native
>fish keeeping. I for one will appreciate having Ray around on the
>Robert Rice
>Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
>Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
>email  NFC at actwin_com   or  website  http:\\nativefish.interspeed.net\
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