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Re: NFC Project

Count me in Robert for northern species available in VT.  Will amend my 
scientific collection permit application to include provisions for 
collection for this facility. Let me know what species they would like.

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>An Aquarium in the Loisiana has ask the NFc to help consulting/stocking
>their largest display tank...We are working together on  a species list
>...but we need collectors to send them some fish....If this sounds like 
>project you would be intereasted in let me know ASAP..........The
>Proccceds from the NFC consulting will be used for further NFC
>Robert Rice
>Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
>Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
>email  NFC at actwin_com   or  website  http:\\nativefish.interspeed.net\

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