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Re: surf casting net

Practice practice practice...It takes some time not unlike flyfishing to
develop a crisp frisbee like spread on a caste net hang in there...I used
to practice in the bckyard try and catch my kids, their toys the dog

Robert Rice

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On Fri, 31 Jul 1998 15:30:06 EDT Kahnvict21 at aol_com writes:
>    This may seem  like a silly problem, but if anyone can give me 
>advice, it would be appreciated..........
>     During the past week, i have gone on several collecting trips at 
>streams and lakes, and I have been trying to use a casting net to 
>harvest the
>aquatic life. I am having a problem with the net though.....it does 
>not open
>up like it should when i throw it. Due to the fact that the net only 
>opens a
>little bit, i am not getting the full advantage of it. If anyone has 
>experience with casting nets such as this one (6 ft diameter, nylon 
>string, and lead weights around the perimeter of the net), I would 
>very much
>like to hear any tips you have on using it. Thank you. I appreciate 
>your time.

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