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Re: Need California native fish (& WATER PLANTS!)

Thanks Peter,

When I think I know the difference between an Uppius yoursius and an Uppius
chuckius, I'll check out the fishing regulations book in my tackle box and
perhaps take a trip to the upper Mojave River.  Do you know how to get to a
good spot?  Do you know  what natives may have been translocated there?


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 On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 Ramseyers at AOL_COM wrote:
 > really surprises me that endangered fish cannot be raised in captivity and
 > made available to  pond owners with intentions such as mine.  Can these
 > really be as frail as California Condors?
 It doesn't matter if it is a mammal, bird, fish, or bug, once they are listed
 restrictions come in to stop people removing them from the wild.  The only
 to ensure people aren't doing this is to make them illegal to possess (dead
 alive) unless you can demonstrate you had them prior to listing.
 > I won't be bent if I cannot have endangered fish in my pond.  I'm sure
 > are other CA natives that will be perfectly fine.  So, any suggestions for
 > fish that aren't impossible to get in 1998?
 Given that you live in southern California most of the fishes there are
 to the best of my knowledge and there aren't that many native fish to begin
 with.  There are some chubs (Gila orcutti) and probably sticklebacks that one
 can collect.  I'd make a trip to the upper Mohave River and see what you can
 find there, it is full of exotic fish and no natives are present anymore
 though some other Californian natives have been translocated there.  You need
 to drop by a fishing tackle shop and get a copy of the fishing regs, they may
 contain a list of prohibited species, or at least tell you what you can
 collect as bait fish.  You should visit a library first at look at Fishes of
 California by Peter Moyle so you at least have some idea of what you are
 catching so when the ranger says "that's an endangered so and so" you can
 reply, "no, it's not, it's an uppius yoursius, don't you know your fish?"
 Peter Unmack