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RE: Need California native fish (& WATER PLANTS!)

No, I specifically meant registered aquaculturists raising NA killies 
which Steve coulp purchase legally.  Maybe some of these guys will 
fill the bill, tho'.  It's worth checking into.

> > Nobody in CA seems to raise killies.  You could be the first!  Start
> > your own business! 
> Better not let the 3 (or more) killi clubs in CA know about that.....  There
> is one in LA, and two in the bay area--BAKA, and NCKC.  Most do keep the
> foreign ones though, which is probably what you were not referring to.  :-)
> Cheers
> Peter


Greater American Freshwater Fishes Resource Site (GAFFeRs):  http://www.localink4.com/~archimedes/

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