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Re: Tank repair

I have put together a great many all glass aquariums with no frame at all.
The silicone definitely holds the tank together.  If you glass is too thin it
might pull apart, (not enough surface area for the silicone to hole on too)
but then you risk a pressure crack in the glass. If you are having this
problem all I can think of is you might have a tank made of tempered glass,
because tempered is stronger than regular glass it can be thinner, but then
you have to have a frame to hold it together, if this is the case your only
recourse is to contact the manufacturer and get a new frame, the ones of this
type I have seen the frame is one piece molded  plastic and can't be glued
back together after it is broken.  I have ordered new frames from the
manufacturer.  They don't cost much, but I like the thicker glass held
together with silicone, much stronger and less likely to leak.