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Re: Tank repair

Have a suggestion, if you're the do-it-yourself type.  The frame 
separated due to the aging of the plastic.  The best solution is to make 
a new frame, out of either plastic or wood.  For either option, go to 
Home Depot or a hardware store and get some "L" shaped molding. Measure 
the length of the tank on each side.  This will be the inner 
measurement.  Lay out the molding and make a mark about an inch or so in 
from the end. Measure from that point forward and make another mark. At 
each mark, use a tri-square or other device to make a 45 degree angle, 
so that each piece looks like this: \________/ with the bottom being the 
tank measurement.  Then glue the pieces together, using the tank as a 
form to hold the pieces at the correct angle, using tape to hold them in 
place.  Once the pieces are joined, you remove the tape and either glue 
the whole thing in place with epoxy or silicone (plastic molding). If 
using wood, you will want to seal the wooden pieces with polyurethane, 
then glue/silicone in place. Remember when using silicone to only use 
the type that is specifically designed for aquarium use as other types 
contain substances that will kill fish.  Also, only use epoxy that is 
waterproof as the water-resistant kind is not suitable for aquarium use 
as it fails after a few weeks of constant water contact.

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>I have a 60 gallon that I am trying to repair for a friend. The
>plastic frame on the top is not one piece. It has mitered corners (cut
>at 45 degrees and joined) and one of these joints has failed.
>So far epoxied has failed to hold joint and gluing in a piece of glass
>from the front of the frame to the back of the frame failed. I am out
>of ideas and need some help.  I dot no the manufacturer or I would try
>to get a new frame. Anyone ever actually repaired one? Any good ideas?
>Anyone know what they glue these joints with at the factory?
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