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Re: Tank repair

Hey Jeff,
  Theres two ways to approach the broken frame.  The easiest is to remove
it.  A frame is just that, a frame.  It adds nothing to the structure of
the tank, but just looks pretty, and helps cover up the glue on the seams.
You could then probably cconstruct a new one if you so wished.  If you'd
rather not do this, but keep the original trim, try silicon glue that you
use to seal tanks.  A sturdy peice of tape should hold the two peices
together while the glue sets.  You can also try superglue.  This stuff
evapourates harmlessly.  I've seen it used to hold all sorts of fun stuff
in aquaria together, just don't get it on your fingers. :)

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On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> I have a 60 gallon that I am trying to repair for a friend. The
> plastic frame on the top is not one piece. It has mitered corners (cut
> at 45 degrees and joined) and one of these joints has failed.
> So far epoxied has failed to hold joint and gluing in a piece of glass
> from the front of the frame to the back of the frame failed. I am out
> of ideas and need some help.  I dot no the manufacturer or I would try
> to get a new frame. Anyone ever actually repaired one? Any good ideas?
> Anyone know what they glue these joints with at the factory?
> Jeff <*\\><
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