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Re: Need California native fish (& WATER PLANTS!)

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Richard E Matheson wrote:

> Either my old "How to know the Freshwater Fishes" is in error again, or
> there is a native Californian Fundulus: F. parvipinnis or the California
> killifish.

Ok, you got me on that one, my only excuse is it's a marine / estuarine
species and I don't count them as being "real" fish.  :-)  Lucania parva has
also been introduced into some areas, again it mostly inhabits brackish areas

Re getting a copy of fishes of California, you'll be lucky to find a copy,
they have been out of print for years and they are in high demand.  Moyle is
supposed to be working on a new edition but he is so bogged down with
everything else it's gunna take a long while! 

Peter Unmack