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Re: Need California native fish (& WATER PLANTS!)


You seem very knowledgable on the subject of California native fish.  It
really surprises me that endangered fish cannot be raised in captivity and
made available to  pond owners with intentions such as mine.  Can these fish
really be as frail as California Condors?

I won't be bent if I cannot have endangered fish in my pond.  I'm sure there
are other CA natives that will be perfectly fine.  So, any suggestions for
fish that aren't impossible to get in 1998?


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 On Wed, 29 Jul 1998 Ramseyers at AOL_COM wrote:
 > I will be studying the book in the next week or so, but prior to doing so I
 > believe that some of the fish I am interested in are California natives
 > the Cyprinodontidae, Lucania, Fundulus, Heterandria, and Poecilia genera.
 > you know where I can obtain them?
 I'm afraid you are living in the wrong state!  :-)  The only california
 of those fishes in Cyprinodon macularius.  If you had have been here 2-3 or
 million years ago you probably could have caught Fundulus though!  The
 introduced Poecilia gracilis lives in an area around the Salton Sea, they
 escaped from an old fish farm there.  I can get you some likely more specific
 locations to find them at if you ever need it. 
 > As I stated in previous mail, I'm going CA native trying to preserve CA
 > species.
 Unfortunately you will not be given permission to keep any fish that are
 Federally listed as endangered, nor likely any fish that are state listed.
 Provisions were not made for aquarists when this legislation was drawn up.
 Cyprinodon macularius is a federally listed species, hence you can't keep it
 legally and they don't issue permits to aquarists.
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