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RE: Need California native fish (& WATER PLANTS!)

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Thanks Martin,

I picked up the Peterson fish book today at Crown.  Many thanks to those on
this mailing list that brought the book to my attention in the last few days.

I will be studying the book in the next week or so, but prior to doing so I
believe that some of the fish I am interested in are California natives from
the Cyprinodontidae, Lucania, Fundulus, Heterandria, and Poecilia genera.  Do
you know where I can obtain them?

Try Stolt Sea Farm, Box 99, Herald, CA  95638  (209) 748-5884.  Or Aquatic Resources, 2610 Meier Rd., Sebastopol, CA  95472 (707) 829-1194.  (This last one has sticklebacks and silversides).   If you tell me which county you are in I can see if there are any fisheries near you.  List any nearby counties too.  Nobody in CA seems to raise killies.  You could be the first!  Start your own business!


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