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RE: Need California native fish

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Can this be done for people from out of state who might be interested in
CA natives as well?


The reg's I have don't say, but I would think that is more dependent upon your own state's law.  I'm sure any California registered aquaculturist could ship to you without your needing a CA permit.  


On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> > D. Martin
> > I am interested in this info also lists of species and a source would be
> > helpful 
> > also what is the permit like???
> Steve, 
> A private stocking permit costs $34.25.  Some areas do not require a 
> permit if you keep certain species  The application is only 1 page.  
> It's rather simple.  But the instructions are 9 pages long!  But not 
> too bad.  You must list the species you wish to keep, and who you are 
> getting them from.
> Most of the fishes raised are commercially important rather than the 
> fish you and I would like to keep.  If you send me a wish list I'll 
> tell you where to get it, if available.  You can get your own copy of 
> the list of registered aquaculturists (28 pages worth) by writing :
> State of California
> The Resources Agency
> Department of Fish and Game
> PO Box 944290
> Sacramento, CA  94244-2090
> Ask for an application for a private stocking permit too, and a copy 
> of Inland Fisheries informational leaflet #6 "Regulations Governing 
> Private Stocking of Aquatic Plants and ANinmals (Noncommercial)".
> Prost,
> Martin
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