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10 gallon project

Just for kicks I set up a leaking 10 gallon in my Boat house the other
day. Set up the UG filter and added water from the lake. I was
thinking that it would a great place to sort fish since I keep minnow
traps out most of the time off the pier. Just dump them in and once
they calm down pick out the ones I wanted.

Well now I have several residents and must say this is one of my
favorite tanks! I have 4 very young Bluegills, 1 Logpearch, 3 Spotfin
shiners and a school of 25+ very small Brook Silversides in there.
They all appear to be doing very well. (BTW I haven't lost a single
Silverside yet!)

I noticed some aggression in the tank (its a bit overcrowded I know!!)
so I thought that adding some rocks and dividing the tank into
sections might help this. So I went to the bank and selected two flat
rocks out of the shallows that could be set on their edges. I also
noticed some type of small black nymph crawling on them, Fish Food!! I
add the rocks and decided that I need some more cover so I found some
floating weeds and added that too. This made a big difference in the
behavior of the fish, no more aggression and the fish seem to school a
bit more than they did and just act more like fish. I really like to
get to watch those small blue gill hunt things to eat on the rocks.

I also managed to pick a critter or egg, not sure which, when I dipped
water out of the lake. Jelly like sacks that look like a oversized
Rice grain. 1/4 inch long? Well what ever they were it didn't take
them long to be attached to  the Weeds and rocks. No, not a hydra.
Unless they have not developed arms yet?

I really like this tank! It is one of the most fun to watch and by far
the most natural one I have. I imagine there are lots of critters in
there I am not aware of since I dip the water out of the lake. The
nice part is that I never know what I will have in tomorrow. Just
depends what is in the trap this afternoon.

Jeff <*\\><
"Consider carefully what you hear", he continued "With the measure you
use it, it will be measured to you -- and even more.  Whoever has will
be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken
from him." Mark 4:24,25
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