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Re: Large tank construction

i think you got it....
NOW is the time to design it and your house.
ive been thinkin on the ac ducting... this may be a real cooling factor!
duct it under or over the tank. it should radically cool the tank! during the
winter you would then close off the "heating" duct.
a floor drain IS a necessity.
make sure your tank has a low end for easy flushing/major draining/teardown.
think about trickle draining to an outdoor pond as opposed to down the toilet,
creating a bullfrog habitat.
make sure you can clean all the glass and have complete access to the entire
length. perhaps flip up access panels along the top? kinda like kitchen
the fun part will be creating the water's origin. cave spring riffle? at the
far end would be the calm poolish area. you would sure find out what fish like
like i said ive been dreaming of this for a long time... if you beat me to it
i will visit you for a looksee... i believe you are in alabama...where again?