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Son of "Good Times" (for real!) (fwd)

G'day folks

Here is another good ole virus warning, this time it's even better....read on.

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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:45:27 -0700
From: Jeni Li Shoecraft <jeni.li at asu_edu>
Subject: Son of "Good Times" (for real!)

Time to vindicate everyone who naively passed on the "Good Times Virus" hoax
in the past: Outlook Express, Outlook'98, and Netscape Mail (in Communicator
4.x) are all reportedly affected by a buffer overflow condition that allows
the clever perpretrator to execute arbitrary machine code on the target
machine simply by including an attachment in an email message. The victim
does not have to open the attachment to be affected; the magic is in the
name of the attachment. This could allow the perp to install and run a

This one is not a hoax, folks. More information is available at

Microsoft has released a patch for Outlook Express; you can get it at

The patch for Outlook'98 is at

A patch is reportedly forthcoming from Netscape as well. Happily, there are
no reports of exploits in the wild as yet.