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Mark Binkley said:

> Thought some of you might want to know about this:
> >Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 18:48:02 -0400
> >From: "John  B. Peters" <JohnBPeters at compuserve_com>
> >Subject: Live Aquatics Conference
> >Sender: "John  B. Peters" <JohnBPeters at compuserve_com>
> >To: Mark Binkley <mbinkley at earthling_net>
> >MIME-version: 1.0
> >
> >Dear Mark,
> >
> >The Conference on Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatics has been rescheduled
> >to November 21-23, 1999.  Venue will be Seattle.

What's the significance of this meeting?  Anyone have any background 
they can share?  Why is it being planned so far in advance?  Any 
significance to the scheduling?


Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA