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Re: 50 gal tank setups


 I have a 55 gallon set up with Northern and Southern Redbelly Dace, Red
Shiners, Fathead Minnows, Creek Chubs, Redside Dace, Slender Madtoms and 3
Longear Sunfish (I know...sunfish aren't supposed to mix with
minners...but this is working and there's no aggression I can see...and
it's not a permanent situation).

I have a wet/dry trickle filter running the system using a large powerhead
as the water pump. The overflow is a hang on the back box variety.  I also
have an additional powerhead in the tank for current.  About 4 inches of
fine gravel on the bottom and a sparse planting of plants. I do a 25%
water change every month and change the prefilter pad every 10-14 days.
I've had no problems with this tank and it has been established as a
native tank for over a year now.  Hope that helps...


On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Carson Wilcox wrote:

> does any one have any experiences with 50ish gallon setups with natives
> I am just feeling it out again to see what it is like
> thanks!!!