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Re: Large tank/fluidized bed

This one was set up, as recommended, with a powerhead on the upstream side
with a sponge pre-filter on the powerhead.  There were problems with the
sponge clogging (bad maintenance), with the inlet orifice clogging (sand
medium mixed with the gravel base material), and with organic debris
accumulating in the column (after breaching the sponge).  Don't resart one
of these after it has set with stagnant water in it for a while - you'll be

>> Just to offer another point of view - a friend of mine has a fluidized bed
>> column.  We have played around with it a lot, and have found it to be a
>> major pain in the butt.  If proper flow is not maintained through it, there
>> can be negative consequences.  There are some web sites out there about it.
>> Can't offer any URLs, though.
>I have a flow control valve in front of mine.  I've never had to
>adjust it after I got the initial flow right.